Envirolines introduces Ornamental Designs of Dinner Wares from the natural Biodegradable and compostable areca leafs.

Our Leaf Product Manufacturing unit is installed with highly reliable machine of six different models used to produce any different shapes & sizes of leaf product to meet excellence of International Standards. Managed by highly skilled and qualified persons.

It has always been our effort to meet excellence of International Standards in both our Export and Domestic Activities. The constant Support and Encouragement has been one of the attributes that helped us to establish a large market base and maintain good relations with both our suppliers and customers in India and abroad.

Envirolines is Managed by Experts with creative knowledge, utilized in continuously improving the product and developing products for next generation.

Manufacturing of Areca Leaf Plate Machine is the firm's Core Business and the company believes that it is its privilege indeed to help and to manage the resource by providing advance technology at par service and supportive allied services which will not only the cost effective but also deliver the true value for investment and Enveronment.

It represent a relative low investment, but they helps to make a home more desirable.
Envirolines project was founded because of the need of environmental restoration. We envision the personal responsibility and action...
We introduce "Earth to Earth" Biodegradables Products which are ideally suited for a variety of food serving applications as a dinner wear plate, bowls, cups, spoons, Packing materials, Greeting cards, Visiting cards, Ornamental decoratives etc., These Biodegradable plates are freezer and microwave safe, further extending their use options. This range of products is an eco-friendly alternative to Plastic food packages